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How many children are in the sessions?

Playball was build around the philosophy of low class numbers and hence much higher levels of teaching and interaction.  The maximum class sizes are 6 for the 2-3's and 9 from 4 year olds onwards.

Will I know how my child is progressing?

Feedback and parental communication is key and to this end we provide written reports at the end of every term.  These reports detail all of the age appropriate milestones and if they are being achieved or still being learnt.

Is Playball new?

Playball has been operating for over 30 years, is offered in 12 countries globally and provides education to over 300,000 children.  The lessons have been designed and refined over time using experts in the fields of education, sport, psychology and high performance teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Playball a sport?

No.  Playball is unique in bringing together the key component parts from a wide range of sports to ensure optimal development and skill levels.  The sports included are football, cricket, hockey, tennis, basketball, netball and tennis.

Do you offer a free trial?

Before enrolling in a class all children are very welcome to join a free taster session. Please contact us to arrange your session with no commitment.

Is it all fun?

Fun, participation and engagement are paramount to the success of the programme.  However, there is a huge amount of what we call incidental learning happening.  We are building the pathways in the brain to enable deductive learning.

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