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"We were blown away by how much energy and love you show the children in the class and for L. being a little shy, we are so impressed by how you made it so fun and engaging for him."

"M. comes home every week and tells me in full what she has been up to and what she has achieved. She cant wait to get her stickers and she loves learning with her friends from nursery"

“I cannot recommend Playball enough!! L absolutely loves the sessions and has made amazing progress with her physical skills and coordination since attending. Christian is fantastic at encouraging children of all abilities and ensuring they all make progress and enjoy themselves.  He has given L so much confidence… this is the first physical class she has really enjoyed.  So much work has gone into the planning and assessment of the sessions, I’m hugely impressed. Thank you so much Christian!!”

"Recommending Christian and Playball is the easiest thing ever! We have sent our little one every term since the school started and we can't praise it enough: Playball is perfect, fun and we have seen so many impressive changes in our little one's coordination and athletic abilities.  Wow.  And always with a smile on, always!  Christian is a great teacher not just in teaching sports but also with understanding each kid's need...and the kids love him back in return. So much so that we even did a Playball themed kids party with Christian and it was a great success...thank you, you're special and we are forever grateful!"

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